Biotech summertime employment outlook is spectacular!

The month of May continued with a huge number of biotechnology jobs posted. Associates or bachelors degrees are the perfect level of education, as long as you have some practical hands-on experience. CCC Biotech’s fall and spring classes can help fill in any missing gaps in your training so far.

Don’t forget that you have an opportunity to put that first biotech job on your resume with an on-campus paid internship with i-Cultiver.

I also wanted to share this nice article from BioSpace by Karen Walpole. It discusses the many types of careers you can be part of with a life science (biology, biochemistry, genetics, etc.) degree.

Positions Requiring an Associates Degree

Positions Requiring a Bachelors Degree

  • BioMarin: Analyst, Gene Therapy Analytical Technologies QC
  • Freenome: Automation Engineer I
  • Grail: Clinical Lab Associate -II , Accessioning (Contract)
  • Annexon: Clinical Trial Specialist
  • List labs: Facilities Technician
  • List labs: Fermentation Specialist
  • ReCode: Lab Manager
  • VaxArt: Lab Manager, Process Development
  • Astellas: Lab Operations Coordinator
  • Alloy Therapeutics: Lab Operations, Senior Associate
  • Eikon: Lab Support Services Technician
  • Freenome: Lab Technician
  • Freenome: Lab Technician
  • Kezar: Laboratory Technician
  • Eikon: Microscopy Technician
  • Alamar: Product Development Associate Scientist
  • BioMarin: QC Analyst I
  • Sangamo: QC Specialist, Analytical Chemistry
  • Sangamo: QC Specialist, Analytical Chemistry
  • Pact Pharma: Quality Control Associate
  • List Lab: Quality Control Specialist I
  • 4DMT: R&D Lab Associate, Contract
  • Surrozen: RA I/II/III in Protein Sciences – Molecular Biology
  • BIoMarin: Research Associate
  • Arcus: Research Associate-Cell Core
  • Arcus: Research Associate-Cell Core
  • PacBio: Senior Technician, Reagent Manufacturing
  • Zai Lab: Temporary – Facilities Coordinator

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