Internships and Employment – Biotech November is ON!

This past month showed no slowdown in hiring for great jobs in the SF Bay Biotech industry. The season of getting prepared for internships is starting, so be sure to grab those opportunities to get work experience!

CCC Biotech courses give you the hands-on training you need to succeed in a life science lab, but there really is no substitute for actual work experience in a paid industry, government, or academic lab environment. Start with some courses, impress your internship supervisor with your skills, and then land one of these fantastic jobs to start your life science career.

Next week, we’ll be launching the CCC-BEST on-campus paid internship opportunity. You’ll be able to find out more at our December 14 event showcasing student work and the science of our industry partners. Keep an eye out for announcements about this special partnership between i-Cultiver and CCC Biotechnology.

Internship and scholarship opportunities

Positions requiring an associates degree

Positions requiring a bachelors degree