What is CCC-BEST? Paid on-campus internships with i-Cultiver

Start getting a paycheck in biotech while you are still in school. i-Cultiver hires CCC students for part-time lab work right here on campus to gain professional laboratory experience at a great local company. I-Cultiver is a company that brings scientific innovation and analysis to agriculture. CCC biotech students can join the team to turn field samples into valuable information for farmers using methods and ideas adapted from partners at UC Berkeley, USDA, Stanford, and UC Davis. Depending on your skillset and company needs, your work might include: sample preparation, tissue dissection, DNA sequence preparation, seedling assays, production of proprietary microbial amendment using bioreactors, or metabolic assays.

Apply and get to work right away!

  • $20/hour
  • 8-12 hours per week
  • Flexible schedule (4 hour blocks of time)

CCC’s Career Services Center will definitely help you prepare your resume and cover letter to make a successful application!

What are the benefits of CCC-BEST?

What is the CCC-BEST internship like?

How do I prepare for CCC-BEST?


What have CCC-BEST students done so far?

Our CCC-BEST Showcase Event on December 14, 2022 featured CCC Biotechnology students and partners from UC Berkeley, Azomite, and i-Cultiver for short presentations. Professional scientists and CCC students shared their work applying biological science to agricultural technology. Agenda here. Here’s a sneak peek of this super event. Full videos of the presentations available soon.

Sneak peek of CCC-BEST Showcase event

What training and preparation are necessary?

The Laboratory Professional I Certificate (or equivalent – at least 2 lab courses and good communication skills) is all it takes. What’s really important is that you are ready to do high-quality work. CCC students that have completed at least one lab course, are enrolled in one more, and demonstrate technical and communication skills are eligible. Remember, i-Cultiver is hiring the person, not the transcript!

Get serious about your science career and be sure to find the right internship for you. CCC’s biotech program sets you up for a successful internship in at a life science company, or at a university or government lab. Explore opportunities and experiences of past students on our internship page.