The Biotechnology Assistant Certificate of Achievement provides both entry-level workforce skills and a bridge into the rigorous biotechnology training programs at CCC and other programs in the region. Students will receive hands-on laboratory experience utilizing state of the art bio-manufacturing equipment. College-level reading, communication, math, and professional skills are required along with laboratory training for even the most basic of entry-level positions in the biotechnology industry. Students completing this certificate will be able to demonstrate their competence for entry-level employment. This certificate also prepares students for higher-level training and education, which can further increase employability in a field where advanced degrees are highly desirable

Course Requirements (4 total)

Biotechnology Lab Course

Reading and Writing Proficiency (choose 1)

  • ENGL1A : Composition and Reading
  • ENGL1AX : Intensive Composition and Reading
  • ENGL142B : Expository writing

Mathematics Proficiency (choose 1)

  • MATH120 : Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH118 : Elementary Algebra
  • MATH122 : Beginning & Intermediate Algebra for STEM
  • MATH125 : Algebra for Statistics

Career Exploration and Success (choose 1)

  • COUNS120 : Managing College Success and Life Transitions
  • COUNS130 : Career and Major Exploration
  • COUNS140 : Job Search Strategies


  • Make lab notebook entries correctly according to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
  • Demonstrate ability to maintain a safe and productive work environment
  • Perform mathematical manipulations such as: Determine the equation (in y=mx+b form) of a linear function from its graphs or construct, use, and interpret mathematical models, specifically linear functions of x, y, log x, log y, to represent and understand relationships in quantitative data.
  • Manage and communicate information by writing body paragraphs that are well organized and cohesive, and communicate effectively in writing
  • Able to communicate the alignment between their interests and abilities and employment in the biotechnology workforce

Skills In

  • Lab notebook
  • Basic laboratory calculations
  • Use laboratory equipment (micropipette, balance, spectrophotometer, microscope, etc)
  • Experimental design
  • Photobioreactor
  • Microscopy
  • Spectrophotometer
  • pH meter
  • Graduated cylinder, micropipette
  • Analytic and tabletop balance
  • Centrifuge and microcentrifuge

Knowledge of

  • Cells, Genes, DNA and Proteins
  • Creation and use of standard curves
  • Process of scientific analysis
  • Genetics and genetic engineering
  • Lab safety
  • pH, bases, acids, buffers
  • Enzyme function and use
  • Chemistry of laboratory solutions

Ability to

  • Data presentation and analysis
  • Prepare cellular extracts
  • Monitor growth in a bioreactor
  • Prepare and use a standard curve
  • Use the metric system
  • Work as part of a productive scientific team

What types of jobs does this prepare for?

  • Facilities Technician
  • Manufacturing Associate/Assistant
  • Laboratory Assistant

For the official Biotechnology Assistant Certificate of Achievement Program Outline of Record (POR) click here.