Certificate: Biotechnology Assistant

Course pathways: Focus on Biotech Job, Bio Major transfer w/biotech skills, Exploring Health STEM Biotech & transfer

Competencies: Lab notebook, Basic lab calculations, Use of lab equipment, Safe and productive work environment, Career interest in life science, Communicate clearly with written documents

Laboratory Assistant

Work under direction of Lab Technician or Research Associate in an R&D lab doing one to a few specific tasks you are trained to do on the job

Facilities Technician

Run equipment that you get trained on when you join the company

Manufacturing Assistant

Part of a high-quality biologic production system, but not part of the scientific design of that system

Typical Salaries

These vary, depending on the company, area, and current demand for employers.

  • Hourly rate
  • Contract and permanent employee
  • In our area, yearly salary of $40,000 and above is likely
  • Use the job tiles to search for “official” labor market data with these tools