CCC-Biotech-summer Camp is an innovative summer experience for rising juniors and seniors in high school. Through engaging lectures and hands-on laboratory experiences, students learn the principles of biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, and then learn how these processes are applied to real biotechnology jobs in the bay area and elsewhere.

Session 1: Explore the CRISPR Revolution

CRISPR From Discovery to Application: In section 3221 of BIOSC875N, re-trace the steps of scientists who found and developed this groundbreaking technology used to modify DNA in genomes. Understand the fundamentals of CRISPR engineering at a molecular level and apply it with hands on labs. Do sample collection, data analysis, work with fluorescent proteins in a scientific process using sophisticated lab tools. Share your discoveries, ideas, and critiques with the community. This is an in-person class i the new science center on CCC’s campus

2 week session June 10 – June 20 : 9AM – 12:10PM Monday-Thursday

Session 3: Green technology for the next-generation biofuels

In section xxxx of BIOSC875N, develop and test bio-based alternatives to petroleum-based gasoline and other fuels. Will algae be the renewable resource that lets us keep driving our cars? Grow, harvest, and test these microorganisms in our photobioreactors. Do genetic tests to analyze DNA and how it can be modified to produce the best biofuels. Use a full range of lab equipment to conduct scientific experiments, and capture your results to share with others. This is an in-person class in the new science center on CCC’s campus.

2 week session TBD (?? July 8 – July 18 : 9AM – 12:10PM ?) Monday-Thursday

Session 2: Hands on Environmental Biotechnology

Discovery of antibiotics from soil microbes. In section xxxx of BIOSC875N, isolate and test whether microbes found in soil can produce the next generation of antibiotics. Experience this fun introduction to microbiology, the scientific process, and modern laboratory techniques. This is an in-person class in the new science center on CCC’s campus.

2 week session TBD (?? June 24 – July 4 : 9AM – 12:10PM ??) Monday-Thursday