Certificate: Biotechnology Technician

Course pathways: Focus on Biotech Job, Bio Major transfer w/biotech skills, Exploring Health STEM Biotech & transfer

Competencies: Maintaining detailed lab records, Scientific communication of biology and life science, Lab processes and procedures, cGMP and GLP, Batch records, Regulations affecting the biotechnology field, Explain common life science techniques (PCR, chromatography, sequencing), Follow SOP’s, Accurate data collection

Laboratory Technician

Work independently, but under the direction of a Research Associate or Scientist in an R&D or QA/QC setting. Expected to perform a few to many skilled tasks in support of a team

Biological manufacturing Technician (Fermentation, Protein Production, Cell Culture)

Specialty technician in a quality biological manufacturing setting. Know one phase of manufacturing, its technology and requirements really well

QA/QC Analyst/ Technician/Associate

Multichannel in a lab
Understanding of production and evaluation of product, quality, purity as it comes out of production pipeline. Implementation of continuous improvement and quality methods

Research Associate (with bachelor’s degree or work experience)

Often in an R&D setting. Perform many skilled tasks in support of a team’s scientific projects, often working independently and sometimes managing a laboratory assistant.

Typical Salaries

These vary, depending on the company, area, and current demand for employers.

  • Hourly rate
  • Contract and permanent employee
  • In our area, yearly salary of $45,000 and above is likely
  • Use the job tiles to search for “official” labor market data with these tools