BIOSC876N: Create clear and professional communications products from the data and analysis of life science labwork. Make workshop presentations for community audiences, prepare scientific reports, or develop social media and website products. Part of “Lab Professional I” non-credit certificate and preparation for a CCC-BEST internship.

Offered in Spring Semesters: for Spring 2023, BIOSC876N-0949 meets Wednesdays from 4:00-5:50PM. (note: this is a late start course) Starts March 22.

Explaining to group
two sharing computer
happy with poster
group around table
Deliver an effective scientific report

appropriate for the intended audience.

Create workshop presentation materials

deliver an effective life science workshop appropriate for the audience

Create and publish at least one social media product.
Define, develop, prepare and deliver

accurate and engaging workshop on a life science topic to a community audience

Business acumen
Build trust through communication
Data presented in an appropriate manner
Test-specific math

analysis, statistics, standard curve

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Skills in

  • Preparation of an effective and accurate scientific report that is useful to the customer
  • Effective workshop methods and elements
  • Social media basics (target outcome, content, and design)

Knowledge of

  • Workshop design and delivery (determining purpose and audience, developing content, creating structure)
  • Scientific report basics (data selection & analysis, making figures, writing text
  • Available media technologies and resources for creation of social media products

Ability to

  • Create and publish an engaging social media item (website, podcast, vlog)
  • Create figures and present scientific results and analysis in a professional report
  • Develop and deliver a scientific workshop

Who should take this course?

  • Biology majors
  • Biotechnology students
  • STEM majors

What types of jobs does it prepare for?

  • Research labs
  • Science outreach
  • Scientific training and education

More details about Science Communication here.

Part of Certificates

Laboratory Professional I