StudentHost institution: Name of supervisorProject title
Andrew AlmacenAmyris: Sara Gaucher, USDA: Debbie LaudenciaScreening analytics document quality control. 
PCR screen of bread wheat for functional insertions in
gluten genes. 
Christina ChaiyasithUSDA: John Mark CarterDevelopment of a sandwich ELISA assay to detect shiga
toxin-producing E. coli in the food supply.
Charleen DeguzmanUC Berkeley: Peggy LemauxImproving potassium use efficiency in rice by HAK
potassium transporter function. 
Herbert HernandezUSDA:  Patrick MoranInvasive weed management in riparian areas.
Victor HerreraPGEC:  Jennifer LewisSuppressor screen of Arabiopsis thaliana zar1 (P.
Syringae resistance) mutants. 
Diana JuchaUSDA:  Debbie Laudencia 
Minkyung Kang AmyrisHired as a full-time technician
Luke KarlCHORI:   
Zainab KhalidUSDA:  John Mark CarterDevelopment of an immunoassay microbead-based detection of
pathogens, E. coli, salmonella, and listeria to improve safety.  
Eric LeeUC Davis:  
Duy MasunoPGEC: George Chuck, LBNL: Genotyping and gene expression in switchgrass and maize to
improve biofuel production. 
Danielle OdehCHORI: Testing drug efficacy in mice models of SLOS, an autosomal
recessive disorder 
Silvio J. OrtizAmyris: Sara GaucherHigh throughput screening of synthetic biology products
and enzyme activity modeling in yeast .
Elleanor S. PangilinanCHORI:   
Huong PhanUSDA:  Debbie LaudenciaIdentify induced mutations in wheat storage protein genes
using SDS-PAGE. 
Shahraiz S. QureshiCCC:  Katie KrolikowskiPrepared, administered and analyzed a survey of
biotechnology alumni.
Gonzalo ReyesCHORI:  
Ruben RubalcavaPGEC:  Jennifer LewisScreening and genotyping of hypersensitive disease
response in Arabidopsis thaliana.  
Kern SaechaoUSDA: John Mark CarterDevelopment of an ELISA-based immunoassay to detect
pathogenic E. coli,
listeria, and salmonella.
Ray SerafinPGEC:  Jennifer Lewis 
Navpreet Singh  
Yasra SyedUC Berkeley: Peggy Lemaux 
Hiba SyedUSDAEarned a summer student internship position.  
Jose ZepedaHSI_STEM office at CCC:  Mayra
Graphic design and website management
GabriellaUSDA:  Roberto AvenaProlonging shelf life of cherry tomatos, processing whole
foods through dehydration, and chemical analysis of processed foods.